About Saleh Stevens

Saleh Stevens is a cryptocurrency expert, investor, and consultant. He worked in the industry for a few years before branching out to start his own business. His most prominent project involved an investment in Bitcoin before it became popular. Forecasting trends enabled Saleh Stevens to capture the gain that cryptocurrency experienced during the last few years. Nowadays, he also works with individuals who are looking to invest themselves. He teaches them how to find profitable assets, analyze the risk-to-reward ratio, and more. His training enables individuals to make great purchases that yield in high returns.

As one of the first investors in Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrency technologies since their development as early as 2009. Stevens discusses, in his blogs his interest in Blockchain software technology and upcoming technological developments. After graduating with a degree in Computer Studies, Saleh Stevens made a series of investments with varied results and now uses his voice as an experienced investor to help others build a portfolio while avoiding the pitfalls he discovered over the course of his career.

Additionally, Saleh Stevens is a proponent of technological developments. One of the reasons why he started researching cryptocurrencies is the technology behind it. Learning about blockchain showed him that there would be significant developments in the future. Consequently, he decided to become a part of the movement and enjoy the growth as it happens. After a few years, his prediction came true when Bitcoin skyrocketed and achieved worldwide fame in 2017.